What's new in MyNDIR

What's New in Edition 2.5 (2023-08-18)

  • Version 2.5 takes care of updating overlooked items that were not addressed in the previous release.
  • See Version 2.4 below for major updates to MyNDIR's site such as the Humanities Computing and Media Centre: MyNDIR Poster (2023-08-14) and the new Dissemination page.
  • Added links and page reference numbers in Research Notes for illustrations in Asgard Stories that were based on illustrations from Nordisch-germanische Götter und Helden.
  • Deleted the frontispiece from Legends of Norselands (en.) because we are just starting work on the images from that book.
  • Added a keyword for Verelius's Gothrici and RolfiWestrogothiae Regum Historia: Lingua antiqua Gothica conscripta‬ (la.), i.e., The History of the Kings of Gothric and Rolfi Westrogothia: written in the ancient Gothic language (en.). Also added a Related Item link for the Deluding of Gylfi illustration by Verelius and the reverse image rendering by Bartholin. and
  • Ran a spell check on the entire site that took care of typos and dittographies.

What's New in Edition 2.4 (2023-08-16)

What's New in Edition 2.3 (2022-07-18)

  • Corrected a typo for Charles Altamont Doyle's death date in keywords.
  • See "What's New in Edition 2.2" below for recent additions of illustrations etc. on 2022-06-21.

What's New in Edition 2.2 (2022-06-21)

What's New in Edition 2.1 (2021-12-17)

  • Completed the requirements to make the site Endings Compliant to ensure long term digital sustainability.
  • Began the MyNDIR-IDG Project, funded by an SSHRC Insight Development Grant, in the fall of 2020 to add Victorian/Edwardian illustrations from retellings of Norse Mythology to the site.
  • Revised the “About” page and included a new “About Us” section with a link to the new MyNDIR Team page.
  • Added a “What’s New in MyNDIR?” page to give detailed version updates and linked it to the “About” page.
  • Revised the information concerning artistic "Medium" for items whose method of creation is difficult to discern, e.g., different types of engraving.
  • Added 57 illustrations from four books: 5 illustrations from The Heroes of Asgard, first published in 1857; 11 illustrations from Norse Stories, Retold from the Eddas, first published in 1882; 6 illustrations from In the Days of Giants; and 33 illustrations from The Elder or Poetic Edda (1908).
  • Added paratextual images such as the book cover for Norse Stories: Retold from the Eddas and the title page for The Elder or Poetic Edda.
  • Added early print reviews in "Research notes, early print reviews, etc." for The Heroes of Asgard, first published in 1857; Norse Stories, first published in 1882; In the Days of Giants, first published in 1901; and The Elder or Poetic Edda (1908).
  • Added information pertinent to individual illustrations in "Research notes, early print reviews, etc.", i.e., Louis Huard’s illustrations in the 1908 edition of the The Heroes of Asgard (p. 195), and W. G. Collingwood’s illustrations in The Elder or Poetic Edda (pp. 113, 276, and 277).
  • Added new e-book links to “E-resources" for the books we have been working on. Also added the United States to the list of countries in order to include links to Norse Stories and In the Days of Giants.
  • Added links to "External Links" at the bottom of Wikipedia pages for MyNDIR images, e.g., Thor.
  • Created a Flickr account for the MyNDIR-IDG Project.

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