The MyNDIR Team

The Current MyNDIR Team

MyNDIR Editor and SSHRC Insight Development Grant Project Lead: P. A. Baer
Trish Baer
Trish Baer received her Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in the departments of English and History in Art from the University of Victoria in 2013. Her Interdisciplinary dissertation “An Old Norse Image Hoard: From the Analog Past to the Digital Present” was nominated for “The Governor General’s Gold Medal Award.” Her doctoral dissertation unites the long-established field of Old Norse Studies with the emerging field of Digital Humanities.
In addition to exploring the transmission, reception, and remediation of illustrations, Baer’s dissertation documents the creation of a digital image repository named: MyNDIR (My Norse Digital Image Repository). MyNDIR was launched at the UVic’s Digital Humanities Summer Institute (June 2013) and was awarded the 2013-14 “Digital Humanities Praxis Innovation Award.” Baer was awarded a Social Sciences and Research Council Insight Development Grant (2020 – 2023) for Visualizations of Norse Myths for Children in the Victorian and Edwardian Eras (1837-1915).
Programmer Consultant: Martin Holmes
Martin Holmes
Martin Holmes is a programmer at the University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre, specializing in digital editions and XML technologies.
Programmer Consultant: Pat Szpak
Patrick works as a web designer at Humanities Computing and Media Centre. From mobile phones to desktop screens, he cares about how a website looks, reads, and performs for its viewers.
Research Assistant: Camille Laliberte
Camille Laliberte
Camille Laliberte is an English and Philosophy student at the University of Victoria. She has been on the MyNDIR project since 2020. Her research interests include the studies of fairy and folk tales in literature and culture.
Research Assistant: Soph Dunn-Krahn
Soph Dunn-Krahn
Soph Dunn-Krahn is an undergraduate student of Medieval Studies at UVic. They are especially interested in Norse Mythology, modern medievalism, gender transgression in early modern France and Mughal India. They work as a researcher and xml coder on MyNDIR.
They have also worked as a researcher on Perfecta, a digital project headed by Helene Cazes.
Research Assistant: Camryn Cutter
Camryn Cutter
Camryn Cutter is a second year English student at the University of Victoria. She worked on MyNDIR for her HUMA 295 practicum in 2021 and joined the team in June 2021. Her interests include law, fairytales and folklore, and mythology.

Digital Humanities Practica Students

HUMA 180 Practicum Student 2021: Haley England
Haley England
Haley England is a first-year Linguistics student at the University of Victoria with an interest in language acquisition. Haley researched biographical information and identified monograms for MyNDIR.
HUMA 180 Practicum Student 2021: Trinity Blacklock
Trinity Blacklock
Trinity Blacklock is a first year Humanities university student at UVic. She contributed to the MyNDIR project by researching authors and illustrators in order to help create biographies. Going forward, Trinity plans to study History and English, before entering into the Education program.
HUMA 295 Practicum Student 2020: Camryn Cutter
HUMA 295 Practicum Student 2020: Sarah Johnston

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