Heiðrún Standing on the Roof of Valhöll

Heiðrún Standing on the Roof of Valhöll

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Creatures: animals, birds, monsters etc.

Heiðrún (non.)
Heidrun (en.)
The goat who stands on the roof of Valhöll and eats the leaves of the tree Læraðr.

Mythological Places

Valhöll (non.)
Valhalla (en.)
- Óðinn´s hall where men who die in battle are taken to by the Valkyries.


Læraðr (non.)
Laeradr (en.)
The tree that grows on the roof of Valhöll whose leaves are eaten by the goat named Heiðrún.


geit (non.)
goat (en.)
tré (non.)
tree (en.)

Source Materials:

Prose Edda (is.)
Snorri Sturluson's thirteenth-century prose work concerning Old Norse mythology and poetics.
SÁM 66 4to (is.)
SAM 66 4to (en.)
SAM 66 4to is also known as Melsted Edda.

Source Persons

Jakob Sigurðsson (is.)
Jakob Sigurdsson (en.)
b. 1727
d. 1779
Nationality: Icelandic
Jakob was a tenant farmer, poet, scribe, and illustrator, who created full-page Edda illustrations in hand-copied paper manuscripts in Iceland in the eighteenth century.
Snorri Sturluson (is.)
b. 1179
d. 1241
Nationality: Icelandic
Snorri was an Icelandic statesman, scholar, and author who is credited with writing Heimskringla, The Prose Edda, and possibly Egil's Saga.