Mímis Brunnr After the Battle of Ragnarök

Mímis Brunnr After the Battle of Ragnarök

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Events: Norse Mythology

Ragnarök (non.)
Ragnarok (en.)
The final great battle between the gods and the giants.

Places: Mythical

Mímis brunnr (non.)
Mímir´s well (en.)
Mímir´s well is a spring of wisdom that both Mímir and Óðinn drink from to gain knowledge. The well lies under the root of Yggdrasill that extends to Hrímþrusar, which is the land of the frost giants.



Moe, Louis (no.)
b. 1857
d. 1945
Nationality: Norwegian/Danish.
Occupation: illustrator
Residence: Copenhagen
Moe was an illustrator who was born in Norway but became a Danish citizen in 1919.


brunn (non.)
well (en.)