Óláfr Guðröðarson (1)

Óláfr Guðröðarson (non.)
Óláfr Geirstaðaalfr
Olaf Geirstad-Alf (en.)
In Þáttr Ólafs Geirstaða Alfs, in the Flateyjarbók manuscript, Ólafr Guðröðarson is worshipped after his death and called Ólafr Geirstaðaalfr, i.e., the "elf of Geirstad. His ghost arranges to have his grave mound destroyed so that he can be reborn as Ólafr Haraldsson, the Norwegian king who was canonized a year after his martyrdom at the Battle of Stiklestad on 29 July 1030. Ólafr Haraldsson is now known as Holy King St. Ólaf, the patron saint of Norway.

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