"“Sigurd Smote The Sword On The Anvil"

"“Sigurd Smote The Sword On The Anvil"

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Baer, Trish (en.) b. 25th January 1952
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Historical Persons, i.e. from Heimskringla, Saxo, sagas etc.

Reginn (non.) One of Hreiðmarr's sons and the brother of Fáfnir in Völsunga Saga. Reginn becomes Sigurðr Fáfnisbani's foster father and reforges the broken sword Gram that Sigurðr uses when he kills Fáfnir.
Sigurðr Fáfnisbani (non.) Sigurd the Dragon Slayer (en.) The legendary hero in Völsunga Saga who killed the dragon Fáfnir, rode through the flame wall to awaken Brynhildr. He promised to marry her but due to sorcery married Guðrún and tricked Brynhildr into marrying Gunnarr.


Edwardian (en.)The Edwardian era began with the reign of King Edward VII, 1901 to 1910 (January 22, 1901 - 28 July, 1914). However, the era's end date is sometimes extended to the beginning of World War 1 (28 July 1914).

Source Materials:

Heroes of the Norselands (en.)The Heroes of the Norselands by Katherine F. Boult was illustrated by T. H. Robinson. The first edition was published in 1901.
Völsunga saga (is.) Saga of the Volsungs (en.) An Old Norse legendary saga drawn from Germanic legends preserved in the Eddas concerning the origin and fall of the Volsoungs, and also the fall of the Burgundians. This saga inspired much of Richard Wagner's creation of The Ring of the Nebilung.

Source Persons

Boult, Katherine (en.) b. 1855
d. 1927
Nationality: English
Occupation: author, translator, musician
Katherine Boult, née Katherine Florance Barman, was the wife of the oil merchant and justice of the peace, Cedric Randal Boult, and the mother of the conductor, Sir Adrian Cedric Boult. Katherine’s poor health prevented her from following a promising career as a pianist.
Robinson, Thomas Heath (no.) b. 1869
d. 1954
Nationality: English
Occupation: illustrator
Residence: London
The son of the engraver Thomas Robinson (1838–1902), and the older brother of Charles and W. Heath, who were also illustrators