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Loki (non.)
Loki is counted among the gods but is a giant by birth.


Járngreipr (non.)
Jarngreipr (en.)
The iron gloves that Þórr uses when he wields his hammer Mjöllnir.
Megingjarðar (non.)
Þórr's belt that doubles his strength.
Mjöllnir (non.)
Mjollnir (en.)
Þórr's hammer that returns to his hand after he throws it.

Creatures: animals, birds, monsters etc.

Tanngnjóstr (non.)
Tanngnjostr (en.)
One of the two goats who pull Þórr's chariot...
Tanngrisnir (non.)
One of the two goats who pull Þórr's chariot.

Gods and Goddesses

Þórr (non.)
Thor (en.)
In the Prose Edda, Þórr is the son of Óðinn and the giantess Jörð. However, in Heimskringla, he is a mortal.


Creation Myth
A series of myths concerning the creation of the world, the origins of the gods, and the creation of humans.
Þórr´s Journey to the Court of Útgarða-Loki
This myth relates the story of Þórr's Þórr´s Trip to the Court of Útgarða-Loki and the tricks that giants play on him and his companions Loki and Þjálfi.

Mythological Events

Ragnarök (non.)
Ragnarok (en.)
The final great battle between the gods and the giants.


belti (non.)
belt (en.)
geit (non.)
goat (en.)
glófu (non.)
gloves (en.)
hamarr (non.)
hammer (en.)

Source Materials:

Heroes of Asgard (1930 ed.) (en.)
The third illustrated edition of The Heroes of Asgard was published in 1930 and was illustrated by C. E. Brock.

Source Persons

Brock, Charles E. (en.)
b. 5 February 1870
d. 28 February 1938
Nationality: English
Occupation: painter, line artist and book illustrator
Keary, Annie (en.)
b. 3rd March 1825
d. 3rd March 1879
Nationality: English
Occupation: Novelist, poet, and childrens book writer.
Anna Maria Keary, known as Annie Keary, was an English novelist, poet, and children's writer. Her sister Eliza Keary collaborated with her in writing “The Heroes of Asgard” that was first published in 1857 and many times thereafter.