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Kvasir (non.)
In the Prose Edda, the gods create Kvasir from the spittle collected in pot as a token of peace at the end of the wars between the Æsir and the Vanir. In Skáldskaparmál, the dwarves, Fjalarr and Galarr, murder Kvasir and collect his blood and mix it with honey to make the Mead of Poetry. In Heimskringla, Kvasir is a Vanir who is held hostage by the Æsir during their wars with the Vanir.


Gungnir (non.)
Óðinn's spear whose name means "swaying one."
Hliðskjálf (non.)
The high seat that Odin sits on and looks out over the world.
skáldskapar mjaðar (non.)
mead of poetry (en.)
The drink created by the dwarves Falar and Galar from the blood of Kvasir.

Gods and Goddesses

Hermóðr (non.)
Hermod (en.)
The god who rode Sleipnir to Hel to try and obtain the release of Baldr.
Óðinn (non.)
Odin (en.)
The chief god of the Æsir in The Prose Edda. However, in Heimskringla he is a mortal who tricks the King of Sweden into believing that he is a god.


Creation Myth
A series of myths concerning the creation of the world, the origins of the gods, and the creation of humans.

Mythological Events

Ragnarök (non.)
Ragnarok (en.)
The final great battle between the gods and the giants.


spjót (non.)
spear (en.)

Source Materials:

Heroes of Asgard (1930 ed.) (en.)
The third illustrated edition of The Heroes of Asgard was published in 1930 and was illustrated by C. E. Brock.

Source Persons

Brock, Charles E. (en.)
b. 5 February 1870
d. 28 February 1938
Nationality: English
Occupation: painter, line artist and book illustrator
Keary, Annie (en.)
b. 3rd March 1825
d. 3rd March 1879
Nationality: English
Occupation: Novelist, poet, and childrens book writer.
Anna Maria Keary, known as Annie Keary, was an English novelist, poet, and children's writer. Her sister Eliza Keary collaborated with her in writing “The Heroes of Asgard” that was first published in 1857 and many times thereafter.