"Skirnir Among the Dwarfs"

"Skirnir Among the Dwarfs"

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Gods and Goddesses

Skírnir (non.)
Freyr´s servant who woos the giantess Gerðr on Freyr´s behalf in exchange for Freyr´s sword.
Óðinn (non.)
Odin (en.)
The chief god of the Æsir in The Prose Edda. However, in Heimskringla he is a mortal who tricks the King of Sweden into believing that he is a god.


Binding of Fenrir Myth
This myth relating the story of how the gods managed to trick the wolf Fenrir into letting them bind him with a magic fetter. They fail with a fetter called Leyding and another called called Dromi but succeed with one called Gleipnir. Unfortunately, the god Týr had put his hand in Fenrir´s mouth as a guarantee that the gods were not trying to trick Fenrir into being bound. Fenrir bites off Týr´s hand when he realizes that he has cannot break the fetter.


Victorian (en.)
The Victorian era began with the reign of Queen Victoria and ended with her death (June 20, 1837 – January 22, 1901).

Source Materials:

Heroes of Asgard (1857 ed.) (en.)
The first edition of The Heroes of Asgard was published in 1857 and was illustrated by Charles Altamont Doyle.

Source Persons

Doyle, Charles Altamont (en.)
b. March 25, 1832
d. October 19, 1893
Nationality: English
Occupation: civil servant, illustrator and watercolourist
Keary, Annie (en.)
b. 3rd March 1825
d. 3rd March 1879
Nationality: English
Occupation: Novelist, poet, and childrens book writer.
Anna Maria Keary, known as Annie Keary, was an English novelist, poet, and children's writer. Her sister Eliza Keary collaborated with her in writing “The Heroes of Asgard” that was first published in 1857 and many times thereafter.