Grímnismál (3)

Grímnismál (non.)
Lay of Grímnir (en.)
One of the mythological poems in the Poetic Edda. The poem is a monologue spoken by Grímnir, who is actually Óðinn in disguise, to a ten year old boy named Agnarr, whose fathe King Geirröðrr is torturing Grímnir. Grímnir gives his blessing to Agnarr for bringing him a drink and then recounts mythological knowledge to him that the boy should possess in his future role as king. Grímnir concludes by revealing that he is Óðinn and by withdrawing his favour from King Geirröðrr. Geirröðrr subsequently dies when he accidentally falls on his own sword. Grimnismál is preserved in the late thirteenth-century Codex Regius manuscript, a.k.a. GKS 2365 4º, and in the AM 748 1 4to fragment.

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