Geirröðr (3)

Geirröðr (non.)
The king in the poem Grímnismál who was the younger son of King Hraudung and the brother of Agnarr. After their fishing boat was washed to an island during a storm, the brothers were rescued and given shelter by an old couple who are actually Óðinn and Frigg. When the brothers set out on their journey home, Geirröðr follows that whispered advice of the old man and sets Agnarr adrift. After Geirröðr becomes king, Frigg tricks him into torturing a mysterious guest who turns out to be Óðinn in disguise. Geirröðr has a son named Agnarr who takes pity on the guest. Geirröðr dies by accidentally falling on his sword and Agnarr becomes king with Óðinn's blessing.

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