The Abduction of Iðunn

The Abduction of Iðunn

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Loki (non.)
Loki is counted among the gods but is a giant by birth.

Giants and Giantesses

Þjazi (non.)
Thjazi (en.)
The giant who persuaded Loki to abduct the goddess Íðunn.

Gods and Goddesses

Iðunn (non.)
Idunn (en.)
The goddess who was married to Bragi and guarded the apples of immortality that kept the gods young.


Abduction of Iðunn Myth
The myth concerning the abduction of Iðunn and the apples of immortality by the giant Thjazi with the help of Loki. In the end, the god's compel Loki to rescue Iðunn and regain the apples.

Mythological Places

Asgard (en.)
Ásgarðr (is.)
The city of the gods.
Jötunheimr (non.)
Realm of the giants.


Apples of Immortality
Golden apples that Iðunn keeps in a casket and gives to the gods to keep them young.


Edwardian (en.)
The Edwardian era began with the reign of King Edward VII, 1901 to 1910 (January 22, 1901 - 28 July, 1914). However, the era's end date is sometimes extended to the beginning of World War 1 (28 July 1914).
örn (non.)
eagle (en.)

Source Materials:

In the Days of Giants (en.)
Retelling of Norse Myth written by Abbie Farwell Brown and illustrated by Elmer Boyd Smith.

Source Persons

Brown, Abbie Farwell (en.)
b. August 21, 1871
d. March 5, 1927
Nationality: American
Occupation: Author
Residence: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Abbie Farwell Brown was an American novelist, journalist, playwright, lyricist, and children's author.
Elmer Boyd Smith (en.)
b. May 31, 1860
d. October 5, 1943
Nationality: Canadian/American
Occupation: Author/Illustrator
Residence: Wilton, Connecticut, USA
A Canadian-American writer and illustrator.