The Haconarmal

The Haconarmal

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Victorian (en.)The Victorian era began with the reign of Queen Victoria and ended with her death (June 20, 1837 – January 22, 1901).

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Digital Victorian Periodical Poetry DVPP Digital Victorian Periodical Poetry explores the poetry most read in the long Victorian period: poems published in periodicals, magazines, and newspapers dating from 1817 to 1901.
Hákonarmál (non.) The Haconarmal (en.) A 10th-century skaldic poem by Evind Skaldaspiller describing king Hákon reception at Valhöll after his death.
Once a Week (en.) Launched by Bradbury and Evans, the publisher of Household Words, after their split with Dickens, Once a Week (1859-1880) was a weekly middle-class family magazine that prominently featured illustrations.(Digital Victorian Periodical Poetry website)

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Buckman, Edwin (en.) Nationality: English
b. 1841
d. 1930
Occupation: Illustrator, Engraver
Nationality: English