Illustrated Title Header for "Thor's Wonderful Journey"

Illustrated Title Header for "Thor's Wonderful

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Occupation: Research Assistant


Mjöllnir (non.) Mjollnir (en.) Þórr's hammer that returns to his hand after he throws it.

Artist Not Known

Artist Not Known Artist not known for this illustration in Asgard Stories

Giants and Giantesses

Skrýmir (non.) Skrymir (en.) The giant who rules the castle called Útgarðr in Jötunheimr. He is also known as Útgarðaloki. In the Prose Edda, Snorri calls him Skrýmir when relating the myth concerning Þórr's journey to Útgarðr. He is also called Skrýmir in the poem Lokasenna but is called Fjallir in Hárbarðljóð.

Gods and Goddesses

Þórr (non.) Thor (en.) In the Prose Edda, Þórr is the son of Óðinn and the giantess Jörð. However, in Heimskringla, he is a mortal.


Þórr´s Journey to the Court of Útgarða-Loki Thor's Journey to the Court of Utgarda-Loki This myth relates the story of Þórr's Trip to the Court of Útgarða-Loki and the tricks that giants play on him and his companions Loki and Þjálfi.


Edwardian (en.)The Edwardian era began with the reign of King Edward VII, 1901 to 1910 (January 22, 1901 - 28 July, 1914). However, the era's end date is sometimes extended to the beginning of World War 1 (28 July 1914).
hamarr (non.) hammer (en.)

Source Materials:

Asgard Stories (en.) Children's book by Mabel Cummings and Mary Foster published in 1901.

Source Persons

Cummings, Mabel (en.) Nationality: English
b. 28 Mar 1872
d. 24 August 1962
Occupation: Childrens book writer.
Nationality: American
Mabel Homer Cummings lived in Brookline, Massachusetts, as well as Boston and Cambridge. She was born on the 28th of March, 1872 in Cambridge, and died on the 24th of August, 1962 in Brookline. She lived with her sister, the horticulturalist and ornithologist Emma G. Cummings. She was a school teacher and the headmistress and co-founder of the high school Brimmer and May, where Cummings Hall is named after her. She graduated from Smith College in 1895. She was almost certainly a founding member of the College Club of Boston, the first women’s college club in the United States, and bought the building at 76 Marlborough in 1893.
Foster, Mary (en.) Nationality: American
Occupation: Childrens book writer and schoolteacher.
b. 19 Dec 1848
d. 27 Oct 1914