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Yngvi (non.)
A king in Ynglinga Saga, the first saga in Heimskringla, who was in the habit of drinking with Queen Bera, who was the wife of his brother, King Álfr. Late one night, King Álfr attacked and mortally wounded King Yngvi who managed to draw his sword and kill King Álfr. Snorri mentions Yngvi as one of Oðinn's son in his introduction to the Prose Edda. According to Snorri, Yngvi was a King of Sweden and the progenitor of the legendary Yngling dynasty.


AM 738 4to (is.)
Edda Oblongata (la.)
This manuscript is known by its shelf mark AM 738. However, it is also known as the Edda Oblongata because because its height is unusually tall compared to its width. It was created circa 1680 by an unknown scribe.
Prose Edda (is.)
Snorri Sturluson's thirteenth-century prose work concerning Old Norse mythology and poetics.