Primary Sources

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Secondary Sources

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Moe, Louis (no.)
b. 1857
d. 1945
Nationality: Norwegian/Danish.
Occupation: illustrator
Residence: Copenhagen
Moe was an illustrator who was born in Norway but became a Danish citizen in 1919.
Dagr (non.)
Dagr is a personification of Day in the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda, and in both sources is said to be the son of the god Djellingr. Dagr's horse is called Skinfaxi.
Ragnarök (non.)
Ragnarok (en.)
The final great battle between the gods and the giants.
Ragnarok: En Billeddigtning
Sköll (non.)
Sköll is the wolf who pursues Dagr and his horse Skinfaxi across the heavens.
Skinfaxi (non.)
Skinfaxi is the horse ridden by Dagr, who is the personifacation of Day. Skinfaxi's shining mane lights up the sky and earth.
hestr (non.)
horse (en.)
úlfr (non.)
wolf (en.)