Óðinn Taking Vébjörg to Valhöll


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    Moe, Louis (no.)
    b. 1857
    d. 1945
    Nationality: Norwegian/Danish.
    Occupation: illustrator
    Residence: Copenhagen
    Moe was an illustrator who was born in Norway but became a Danish citizen in 1919.
    Óðinn (non.)
    Odin (en.)
    The chief god of the Æsir is The Prose Edda. However, in Heimskringla he is a mortal who tricks the King of Sweden into believing that he is a god.
    Vébjörg (non.)
    Vebjorg (en.)
    a shield maiden in Saxo's Gesta Danorum who died at the the Battle of Brávellir.She is the shield maiden in Louis Moe's Valkyrien who becomes a Valkyrie.
    Saxo Grammaticus (la.)
    b. 1150
    d. 1220
    Nationality: Danish
    Occupation: cleric
    Saxo wrote the Gesta Danorum, which is known in English as The History of the Danes . His account of mythological Norse gods and heroes is heavily euhemerized.
    Valkyrien: Romantisk Digtning The Valkyrie: An illustrated romance Louis Moe's illustrated retelling of the life and death of the legendary Danish shield maiden Vébjörg.
    Sleipnir (non.)
    Óðinn´s eight-legged horse which Loki bore after mating with the Giant Builder's stallion Svaðilfari.