Hyrrokkin Riding to Baldr's Funeral

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    Secondary Sources

    Bartholin, Thomas (da.)
    b. 1659
    d. 1690
    Nationality: Danish
    Occupation: physician, mathematician, theologian
    Bartholin was a physician, mathematician, theologian, and antiquarian scholar. He was the brother-in-law of Ole Worm, a.k.a. Olaus Wormianus, who was one of the founders of the study of Nordic antiquity.
    Hyrrokkin (non.)
    The giantess who was summoned to push Baldr's funeral ship off of the shore because the gods were not strong enough. She arrived riding on a wolf and using snakes for reigns.
    Óðinn (non.)
    Odin (en.)
    The chief god of the Æsir is The Prose Edda. However, in Heimskringla he is a mortal who tricks the King of Sweden into believing that he is a god.
    Baldr (non.)
    Balder (en.)
    The god who was killed by his brother Höðr.
    Death of Baldr Myth The Death of Baldr is a myth concerning an accidental fratricide, which sometimes includes Loki as an instigator who dupes Baldr's brother, Höðr, into the act and actually guides his hand.
    Sleipnir (non.)
    Óðinn´s eight-legged horse which Loki bore after mating with the Giant Builder's stallion Svaðilfari.
    úlfr wolf